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Home Ice Productions is a Portland, Maine based independent arts production and marketing company. It was formed in 2014, by Maine native, Tonya Shevenell and is home base for her books, film, multimedia arts and related business projects. Tonya is excited to introduce her first children's book, The Maine Birthday Book, and will be "touring" with the story throughout 2020.  When she's not traveling around Maine, she is often found in the imaginary hometown of Malibu, Maine where she is "ghost-writing" bonus journal pages from the making of The Maine Birthday Book with a character from the inside. A second book project is in the works as is a documentary film project called Shape Of Love: 200 Years In Maine To read her filmmaker blog from The Home Road, please visit  If you'd like to receive email updates from Tonya once every two-three weeks, please use the newsletter sign-up form on the left. 






Screening & Discussion/Q&A Events


THE HOME ROAD - If you are interested in booking Tonya or Tonya and Ray, the trekker, for a film screening plus discussion/Q&A event in your theater, arts venue, library, school/university, historical society or other setting, please be in touch! Alternately, if you are interested in a film screening only (without filmmaker or trekker present), please contact us for details and arrangements. 


Contact: Tonya Shevenell - tonya@homeiceproductions or 207-400-0231 or if you prefer, please use the Contact page to submit an inquiry. We will respond within one business day. Thank you!


To order copies of The Home Road DVD, please visit our online store






Featured Works in The Home Road Film


Notes from Tonya: THE HOME ROAD documentary features music by Maine filmmaker and composer, Sumner McKane. Sumner's music and mentoring were invaluable in the making of the film, and his filmmaking is an inspiration. His four historical documentary films and soundtracks are favorites of mine and are highly recommended. See 



The film also features illustrations by my brother, Peter Shevenell. I grew up watching him draw, and in many of the best ways, I feel like I'm still growing up watching him draw. As a life-long fan and adoring proud big sister, I am delighted that The Home Road starts and finishes at "home," with my brother's imagination and talent.